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Alle Mitarbeitenden

Jane Achermann Jane Achermann

Jane Achermann

Global Programme Manager SEC
Jane Achermann
Mirta Affolter Mirta Affolter

Mirta Affolter

Executive Assistant
Mirta Affolter
Erika Altorfer Erika Altorfer

Erika Altorfer

Head of Corporate Project Accounting
Erika Altorfer
Annette Altvater Annette Altvater

Annette Altvater

Head of Knowledge Exchange
Annette Altvater
Kathrin Bachmann Kathrin Bachmann

Kathrin Bachmann

Senior Corporate Controller
Kathrin Bachmann
Anja Baudacci Anja Baudacci

Anja Baudacci

Programme Officer
Anja Baudacci
Anne Bickel Anne Bickel

Anne Bickel

Director People & Learning
+41 44 454 17 17

Anne Bickel is Director of the People & Learning department at Swisscontact since 2019. She joined Swisscontact in 2009 as head of Swisscontact’s own Development Programme with over 20 projects in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. She was also responsible for partner relations with private and public sector partners, mainly in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. From 2003 to 2009 she was member of the executive board in the development organisation "Bread for all", leading the department Information, Education and Marketing. She worked as a teacher for fourteen years and was engaged in the development of different learning methods and as lecturer in teacher training at the Directorate of Education of the Canton of Berne and in further education training courses at the University of Fribourg. Anne Bickel holds an MBA from the University of Applied Science and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland and a degree in Fundraising Management from the University of Fribourg.

Anne Bickel
Victoria Biedermann Victoria Biedermann

Victoria Biedermann

Advisor Exchange & Learning
Victoria Biedermann
Peter Bissegger Peter Bissegger

Peter Bissegger

CEO Swisscontact Services Ltd.
+41 44 454 17 17
Peter Bissegger
Natalija Blagojevic Natalija Blagojevic

Natalija Blagojevic

Natalija Blagojevic
Alexandre Boin Alexandre Boin

Alexandre Boin

Director Central, East and Southern Africa
Alexandre Boin
Samuel Bon Samuel Bon

Samuel Bon

CEO and Executive Director
+41 44 454 17 17

Samuel Bon took over as Swisscontact CEO and Executive Director in October 2011. Before coming to Swisscontact, he had worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva, where he held various senior positions. These included Managing Director for South-East Asia & Pacific and Delegate and Team Leader in Asia and Africa. Before moving to the Geneva Headquarters, he had lived abroad for seven years and was in charge of implementing extensive ICRC projects in Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo and Sudan. He holds an Executive MBA from the International Institute of Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne and a M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Zurich.

Samuel Bon
Mahboubeh Brumand Mahboubeh Brumand

Mahboubeh Brumand

Sustainable Tourism Development Expert
Mahboubeh Brumand
Daniel Buser Daniel Buser

Daniel Buser

Web Project Manager
Daniel Buser
Filippo Cataldi Filippo Cataldi

Filippo Cataldi

Advisor Information Governance
Filippo Cataldi
Franziska Dahinden Franziska Dahinden

Franziska Dahinden

Executive Assistant
Franziska Dahinden
Marco Daniel Marco Daniel

Marco Daniel

Programme Officer
Marco Daniel
Stephanie Dreifuss Stephanie Dreifuss

Stephanie Dreifuss

Director Products & Solutions

Since 2007, Stephanie Dreifuss has held different positions at Swisscontact. Most recently, before joining the Executive Board in February 2020, she was based in Morocco as Regional Director for North and West Africa, overseeing 23 projects in 7 countries, mainly in the field of technical vocational training and labour market insertion. Overall, she worked five years at Head Office, where she built up the Acquisitions Department in 2013. She spent seven years in two African countries, managing an inclusive market development project in Uganda and opening up the country office in Morocco. Stephanie holds a Post-Graduate Degree in International Relations from the University of New South Wales in Sydney and a Graduate Degree in Political Science from the University of Geneva.

Stephanie Dreifuss
Seraina Drews Seraina Drews

Seraina Drews

Business Development Assistant
Seraina Drews
Sinem Ertürk Sinem Ertürk

Sinem Ertürk

Project Accountant
Sinem Ertürk
Karin Federer Karin Federer

Karin Federer

Advisor Business Development
Karin Federer
Michael Fink Michael Fink

Michael Fink

Head of Monitoring and Results Measurement
Michael Fink
Joanna Finsterer Joanna Finsterer

Joanna Finsterer

Budget and Process Excellence Manager
Joanna Finsterer
Sven Gehlhaar Sven Gehlhaar

Sven Gehlhaar

Director Region Latin America and Carribbean
Sven Gehlhaar
Isabelle Gemperle Isabelle Gemperle

Isabelle Gemperle

Senior Programme Officer
Isabelle Gemperle
Braïka Goumri Braïka Goumri

Braïka Goumri

Social Media Manager
Braïka Goumri
Christina Gruenewald Christina Gruenewald

Christina Gruenewald

Advisor Environment
Christina Gruenewald
Eliane Herrmann Eliane Herrmann

Eliane Herrmann

Head of Development Programme
Eliane Herrmann
Béatrice Horn Béatrice Horn

Béatrice Horn

Head of Corporate Finance
Béatrice Horn
Roger Iten Roger Iten

Roger Iten

Senior Business Analyst
Roger Iten
Larissa Jäger Larissa Jäger

Larissa Jäger

Programme Officer
Larissa Jäger
Manuela Kälbling Manuela Kälbling

Manuela Kälbling

Advisor Monitoring and Results Measurement & Impact Reporting
Manuela Kälbling
Christian Kaufmann Christian Kaufmann

Christian Kaufmann

Project Accountant
Christian Kaufmann
Doris Keller Doris Keller

Doris Keller

HR Business Partner
Doris Keller
Shaghayegh Khaksar Tehrani Shaghayegh Khaksar Tehrani

Shaghayegh Khaksar Tehrani

Advisor Travel Management & Consultant Contracts
Shaghayegh Khaksar Tehrani
Regula Kleck Regula Kleck

Regula Kleck

HR Business Partner
Regula Kleck
Yvonne Kohler Yvonne Kohler

Yvonne Kohler

HR Business Partner
Yvonne Kohler
Beni Lang Beni Lang

Beni Lang

Director Global Programmes
Beni Lang
Beny Meier Beny Meier

Beny Meier

Global Programme Manager CSSC
Beny Meier
Florian Meister Florian Meister

Florian Meister

Director Operations & Quality
+41 44 454 17 17

Florian Meister is the Deputy Executive Director of Swisscontact. As Director of Field Operations, he oversees implementation of Swisscontact projects in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. In this position he draws from his many years of experience implementing Swisscontact’s development approach in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Central America, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Cote-d’Ivoire. Since 1993, Florian Meister has held various positions within Swisscontact, including Project Expert in Bolivia, Country Director in Ecuador, and most recently Africa Director at the Zurich Head Office. Florian Meister holds a Post-Graduate Degree in International Development from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) and a licentiate from the University of Bern.

Florian Meister
Anke Müller Anke Müller

Anke Müller

Senior Project Accountant
Anke Müller
Fabienne-Alexia Müller Fabienne-Alexia Müller

Fabienne-Alexia Müller

Global Programme Manager SIPPO
Fabienne-Alexia Müller
Supanujah P. Rajah Supanujah P. Rajah

Supanujah P. Rajah

Supanujah P. Rajah
Christian Pallmer Christian Pallmer

Christian Pallmer

Sustainable Tourism Development Expert
Christian Pallmer
Manish Pandey Manish Pandey

Manish Pandey

Director Region South Asia
Manish Pandey
Alessandra Pellegrini Alessandra Pellegrini

Alessandra Pellegrini

Advisor Gender & Social Inclusion
Alessandra Pellegrini
Prashant Rana Prashant Rana

Prashant Rana

Director Region South East Asia
Prashant Rana
Montserrat Raurich Montserrat Raurich

Montserrat Raurich

Travel Manager
Montserrat Raurich
Martin Restelli Martin Restelli

Martin Restelli

Programme Officer
Martin Restelli
Sandra Rothboeck Sandra Rothboeck

Sandra Rothboeck

Head of Skills Development
Sandra Rothboeck
Ramon Sahli Ramon Sahli

Ramon Sahli

Accounting Assistant
Ramon Sahli
Veronika Schanderl Veronika Schanderl

Veronika Schanderl

Executive Manager Tourism Advisory Services
Veronika Schanderl
Martin Schmid Martin Schmid

Martin Schmid

Senior ICS and Compliance Officer
Martin Schmid
Sibylle Schmutz Sibylle Schmutz

Sibylle Schmutz

Global Programme Manager DC dVET
Sibylle Schmutz
Stefan Schneider Stefan Schneider

Stefan Schneider

Director Finance & Technology
+41 44 454 17 17

Stefan Schneider joined Swisscontact as CFO in 2019. After finishing his Master of Business Administration at the University of Zurich he started for a big 4-auditor in Switzerland and Poland, before moving as Head Business Development to a Polish insurance company. From there he switched to the corporate center of that insurance Group in Switzerland as a strategic projects controller. Later he took over the role as finance director for a multinational start-up and a family office before running for several years his own company as a management consultant, project and interim manager mainly in the insurance and wholesale industry.

Stefan Schneider
Katrin Schnellmann Katrin Schnellmann

Katrin Schnellmann

Public Relations Manager
Katrin Schnellmann
Philippe Schneuwly Philippe Schneuwly

Philippe Schneuwly

Director Partners & Clients
+41 44 454 17 17

Philippe Schneuwly is a private sector development expert with 20 years experience in design, implementation and evaluation of economic development projects, holding a PhD in economics from the University of St.Gall (Switzerland). He joined Swisscontact in 2009 as Hub Manager South America. Between 2011 and 2014, he established a new country office in Colombia. From 2014 to 2018 he was Regional Director for Central America, based in Mexico City. In 2019 he has taken over the position of Director Partners & Clients in Zurich. Prior to working with Swisscontact, he worked as a consultant to different companies, international organizations and multilateral development banks. Philippe is author of studies and publications on international trade, competitiveness, value chain development and renewable energy. He has lived and worked in eight countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Philippe Schneuwly
Luana Schuler Luana Schuler

Luana Schuler

Advisor Business Development
Luana Schuler
Richard Schweizer Richard Schweizer

Richard Schweizer

Senior ICT Manager
Richard Schweizer
Adrian Stauffer Adrian Stauffer

Adrian Stauffer

Head of Corporate Controlling
Adrian Stauffer
Ulrich Stucki Ulrich Stucki

Ulrich Stucki

Director Regions North and West Africa and Eastern Europe a.i.
Ulrich Stucki
Claudine Teleki Claudine Teleki

Claudine Teleki

Welcome & Administration
Claudine Teleki
Francine Thurnher Francine Thurnher

Francine Thurnher

Director Corporate Affairs & Communication
Francine Thurnher
Issa Torres Issa Torres

Issa Torres

Sustainable Tourism Development Expert
Issa Torres
Leandra Tzinoglou Leandra Tzinoglou

Leandra Tzinoglou

Leandra Tzinoglou
Anita Vasic Anita Vasic

Anita Vasic

Advisor Business Development
Anita Vasic
Mirjam Wenger Mirjam Wenger

Mirjam Wenger

Head of Acquisition
Mirjam Wenger
Teresa Widmer Teresa Widmer

Teresa Widmer

Global Programme Manager Swiss EP
Teresa Widmer
Monika Wucherpfennig Monika Wucherpfennig

Monika Wucherpfennig

Senior Advisor Business Development
Monika Wucherpfennig
Atsuko Zurbuchen Atsuko Zurbuchen

Atsuko Zurbuchen

Senior Project Accountant
Atsuko Zurbuchen

Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
Hardturmstrasse 123
CH-8005 Zürich

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